Timpe General Construction Inc.


About Us

Well I am farely new into this business as I just started Timpe General Construction in January 2009 and became Incorporated in March 2009.  Although the business is new the idea of me owning my own business and building houses for a living is not.  I have wanted to start a business since I was a Junior at Stockton High School when I went to the Jo Carroll Area Vocational Center where i started using AutoCad 2003 for the first time.  It was then that I realized I wanted to do this for a living, but not just drawing the houses, I wanted to see them from start to finish, from the rough sketches before the blueprints to the final product the day a family moves into a house I built.  So from high school I went on to study Idustrial Technology Management with an emphasis in Building Construction Management at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. After graduating in 3 1/2 years with my bachelors in ITM-BCM I worked hard to get my business off the ground as soon as I could. Starting with a complete kitchen remodel of all new cupboards and countertops to new light fixtures and cermic tile floors and backsplashes.  Now I am realizing that my idea of owning my own business has come to life as Timpe General Construction Inc.